About Careers at OBSOFT

What skills does OBSOFT look for in candidates?

OBSOFT seeks individuals who are creative thinkers, self-motivated, and have the drive to excel. We are interested in goal-oriented people who have the initiative and commitment to be leaders. Our entrepreneurial culture demands strong interpersonal skills and the ability to make the right decisions for our clients.

Can I select my own projects and project location?

As a global IT services company, OBSOFT encourages it’s employees to be open to working at assignments worldwide. We however also understand and respect the needs of it’s employees to remain closer to a specific geographical region due to family or personal reasons. So, OBSOFT does every bit of an effort to accommodate those requests.

What is a typical career path for consultants at OBSOFT?

Typically, there are two career paths that most consultants follow; one is technical and the other is management. However, OBSOFT caters to each employee's career goals. There are some consultants who are interested in building up their skills with the latest emerging technologies while others are interested in customer interfacing or project management. OBSOFT ‘s training programs cater to these varied interests and were designed to meet these career development goals.

What benefits are provided in the benefits package?

OBSOFT's commitment to its staff is exemplified by the broad range of employee benefits. All employees subscribe to the Employee Benefit Plan.
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